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Last updated: 4:20pm, 17 April 2014.

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Seven Years Later

Welcome to Stratechery 2.0

Browser inconsistencies: animated GIF and drawImage()

Alibaba buys Autonavi

Myriad RF for Novena

If Nigel Farage's expenses bother you, vote to leave the EU

Is lumail a stepping stone?

DSA-2904 virtualbox - security update

DSA-2905 chromium-browser - security update

The Nigel Evans and Maria Miller affairs expose our distrust of democracy

DSA-2903 strongswan - security update

I'm speaking at Hope X!

The Science Of "Happily Ever After": 3 Things That Keep Love Alive

DSA-2902 curl - security update

DSA-2901 wordpress - security update

A calm, reasoned case for Brexit

Putting the finishing touches to a nodejs library

A small assortment of content

New Girl Talk album

What Is Google?

DSA-2900 jbigkit - security update

Microsoft Pursuing Original Content for Xbox

The Technology Behind Android TV

The mobile web vs apps is another front on the battle between open and closed systems

On Windows XP and IE6

Why should Eurosceptics vote Conservative next month?

DSA-2898 imagemagick - security update

DSA-2899 openafs - security update

OpenSSL Heartbeat, a.k.a. Heartblead Bug

Why the Web Still Matters for Writing

Why the Web Still Matters for Writing

Attack of the week: OpenSSL Heartbleed

Fruity Lamb Curry

DSA-2897 tomcat7 - security update

Working custom coreboot ROM on Acer C720!

Under the Skin

Working custom coreboot ROM on HP Chromebook 14!

Else 4.7.14: So Much Information, Precious Little Insight

Fitt's Law, the Tesla Model S, and touchscreen car interfaces

DSA-2896 openssl - security update

Problem with local discovery

Nobody knows if HFT is good or bad


Esther Perel on infidelity

So that distribution I'm not-building?

How To Motivate People

Modern movie studio economics

DSA-2895 prosody - security update