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The economics of priceless transactions

Thank God my country is still intact


Presenter's paradox

Street Gangs Tone Down Use of Colors, Tattoos |

If this goes well I have a new blog engine

Building a better Instagram app for Android

Choice of Enemies - Strategies of the Artificial

The greatest cultural victory of the Left has been to disregard the Nazi-Soviet Pact

What I Got Wrong About Apple Watch

BBC News - Files reveal WW2 secret 'Agent Fifi' test for spies

Optimal robot personality

DSA-3027 libav - security update

DSA-3028 icedove - security update

ACPI, kernels and contracts with firmware

Applications updating & phoning home

Why the swing to Salmond? Because voters are attracted by optimism

DSA-3025 apt - security update

DSA-3026 dbus - security update

A Print Magazine Launch? What?!!! California Sunday Is Coming

Microsoft's Good (and Potentially Great) Minecraft Acquisition

Else 9.15.14: Ma, Theil, Apple Pay, and Minecraft

Young blood

How The Most Successful People Manage Their Time

Carefree White Girl

The Clayton Kershaw curveball

How Instagram's drug deals go undetected | VentureBeat | Social | by Fletcher Babb

Storing and distributing secrets.

How Tim Cook Should Have Introduced the Watch, and Exponent Episode 017: Let's End it There

Some Peter Thiel miscellany

The Scottish referendum is bringing devolution to the rest of the UK – and not before time

A small email utility and other updates.

DSA-3023 bind9 - security update

DSA-3024 gnupg - security update

Apple Watch: Asking Why and Saying No

You want an emotional case for Britishness? Here goes

Fast, auto-generated streaming JSON parsing for Android

Life Break: Go See "Take Me To The River"

A Big Day For The Internet

Al Qaeda Letter on the Importance of Kidnapping Revenue -

kvm-hosting will be ceasing, soon.

DSA-3020 acpi-support - security update

DSA-3022 curl - security update

How to draft a speaker information email

DSA-3021 file - security update

Smoked Duck Breasts

Matthew Parris is unwittingly boosting the anti-EU cause

The True Costs Of Procrastination

The Biggest Email Marketing Mistake One Can Make

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