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Last updated: 5:20pm, 02 September 2014.

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The Ashya King case has brought out the worst in British officialdom

ROM Updates – 01/09/14

Else 9.2.14: Don't Worry, The Robots Are Our Friends. But the People?

DSA-3016 lua5.2 - security update

DSA-3015 lua5.1 - security update

New jobs for the boys, but the same old EU

A diversion - The National Health Service

3 Simple Things That Will Make You 10% Happier

"Facebook Is a Weatherless World"

Writing Is Code, Reading Is Visualization

Simple script to change hostname on BeagleBone

Podcast: Exponent Episode 015 – Consoles and Disruption

Migration of services and hosts

Douglas Carswell will win big – with implications for both Conservatives and Ukip

The Three C's of OPSEC

"Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance"

Third of the three C's of OPSEC

Rotherham child sex scandal: these children were victims of 'anti-racism'

Why we don't catch our own typos

DSA-3014 squid3 - security update

The Technology behind Hyperlapse from Instagram

Podcast: Vector – Turtles All the Way Down

Using the haproxy load-balancer for increased availability


Music economics in the age of abundance

DSA-3012 eglibc - security update

DSA-3013 s3ql - security update

Amazon: Not an E-commerce Company

Suspend fixed in C720/Peppy ROM

NewCo New York 2014: My Chairman's Picks To Visit

Salmond won the debate, but it will make little difference

AdTech Is Alive and Well: I'll Have the Full Stack, Please

Paper Backup (3) User Interface

Updates on git-hosting and load-balancing

6 Things The Most Organized People Do Every Day

Paper Backup (2) Automation Scripts

Electing police chiefs was my idea. Ouch!

Fast Fashion

Automating the Debian installer with PXE and preseeding

Paper Backup (1) Scanner Setup

Updating Debian Administration, the code

DSA-3011 mediawiki - security update

Gaming and New Market Disruption, and the Week in Daily Updates

Podcast: Exponent Episode 014 – The Rise of the Algorithm

What makes some British Muslims become jihadis?

Should the U.S. government pay ransoms for journalists?

DSA-3010 python-django - security update

Aging canned food

Updating Debian Administration

In decline