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Ask me no questions I'll tell you no lies

Obama's Assassination Threat | INTELFILES Terrorism Blog | J.M. Berger | Investigative reporting on terrorism, research, Freedom of Information Act, War on Terror, television production, Mohammed Jamal Khalifa, Ali Mohamed, Al Qaeda, World Trade Center Bo

Podcast: Exponent Episode 023 – Apple Pay

Maybe politicians do take voters for granted. But can you blame them?

DSA-3060 linux - security update

Hacker News metrics (first rough approach)

lophttpd fucks the POODLE

Human and computer curation in the age of information abundance

On joining the FSF board

A brief introduction to freebsd

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Why Britain should not opt back in to the European Arrest Warrant – in David Cameron's own words

Attack of the Week: Unpicking PLAID

DSA-3059 dokuwiki - security update

Speaking at the Trondheim Developer Conference – good show!

Publishers and the Smiling Curve

My NewCo Los Angeles Picks

Perception of Reality vs. Objective Reality

Album covers extended

Podcast: This Week in Tech – Good Touch, Bad Touch

Else 10.27.14

Else 10.27.14

DSA-3058 torque - security update

How To Get People To Like You: 7 Ways From An FBI Behavior Expert

DSA-3056 libtasn1-3 - security update

DSA-3057 libxml2 - security update

The things browsers can do – SAE Alumni Conference, Berlin 2014

The EU has just given us another 1.7 billion reasons to leave

Hacking the SAINTCON Badge

Podcast: Exponent Episode 022 – Peak Google, Monologue Edition

Around The Kitchen Table, a Better Way To Finance "Secondaries" Is Born

Migrating from AWS to AWS

"Peak Google"? Maybe, But Is "Native" The Reason?

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Around The Kitchen Table, a Better Way To Finance "Secondaries" Is Born

"Peak Google"? Maybe, But Is "Native" The Reason?

Fabric: Why Developers Can Trust Twitter Won't Screw Them This Time

After a Decade at War With West, Al-Qaeda Still Impervious to Spies

AAMC: How's That Working Out For You Guys

Linux Container Security

Moravec's Paradox and self-driving cars

DSA-3055 pidgin - security update

Peak Google

In Memorium: Nelson Bunker Hunt

On writing test-cases and testsuites.

Privacy Leakage in Mobile Computing: Tools, Methods, and Characteristics

The privacy bounds of human mobility

How Apple Pay innovates on top of the US payments stack

The mortal loveliness of autumn

Removing private metadata (geolocation, time, date) from photos the simple way: