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Peak Google

In Memorium: Nelson Bunker Hunt

On writing test-cases and testsuites.

Privacy Leakage in Mobile Computing: Tools, Methods, and Characteristics

The privacy bounds of human mobility

How Apple Pay innovates on top of the US payments stack

The mortal loveliness of autumn

Removing private metadata (geolocation, time, date) from photos the simple way:

The last word

Life gets better – for most people in most places at most times

Network transportation costs

Douchebag, the white racial slur

DSA-3054 mysql-5.5 - security update


The Character of Physical Laws

The Character of Physical Law

How To Have A Great Relationship

Why Microsoft matters more than we think

Grigor Dimitrov is a wizard

Star Wars in our world

More computing comparative advantages

Name that Ware October 2014

Winner, Name that Ware September 2014

Children of the Fight

On the names we use in email

Computer's speed reading advantage

Water is too cheap

Podcast: Exponent Episode 021 – Gamergate of Thrones

List Of Free Open Source CRM

The European Arrest Warrant is a betrayal of our freedoms. Are MPs really going to opt BACK into it?

DSA-3053 openssl - security update

The Diminished iPad

The Risk That Will Bite You Next Is NOT The One That Bit You Last

Attack of the week: POODLE

DSA-3052 wpa - security update

DSA-3051 drupal7 - security update

DSA-3050 iceweasel - security update

Sponsor: Hack Reactor

Setting up your own graphical git-server with gitbucket

DSA-3049 wireshark - security update

David Cameron isn't remotely Eurosceptic; but he alone can deliver an In/Out referendum

First generation telepathy

Pay Dirt ??!?

trusted bootloader RCE trickery

Else 10.13.14: Smiling Happy Facebook People (Not Teens, Though)

How To Be Efficient: Dan Ariely's 6 New Secrets To Managing Your Time

Evangelism conundrum: Don't mention the product

Living Systems and The Information First Company

2014 Box Office

Ricky Jay