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[Video]: The web is dead? – My talk at TEDx Thessaloniki

Does anyone really want a settlement in the Middle East?

Big Blue and Apple's Soul

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Putting Thought Into Things

DSA-2985 mysql-5.5 - security update

DSA-2984 acpi-support - security update

Making Sense of Microsoft

An alternative to devilspie/devilspie2

Opponents of the EU-US trade deal should watch this video

Tracking pull request ages with d3

7 Ways You Can Easily Increase Your Willpower

HOPEX Slides

DSA-2983 drupal7 - security update

Did you know xine will download and execute scripts?

What will it be, Mr Putin – the rule of law, or savagery and ostracism?

Stories as religion

The economics of South Korean TV

DSA-2982 ruby-activerecord-3.2 - security update


Extracting the shell-ball ROM using a ChromeOS image

Extracting the shell-ball ROM using a ChromeOS image

DSA-2981 polarssl - security update

We can't be half in the ECHR – we should leave cleanly

HP Chromebook 14 ROM updated

HP Chromebook 14 ROM updated

How we read online

DSA-2979 fail2ban - security update

DSA-2980 openjdk-6 - security update

So what can I do for Debian?

'Diversity' has come to take on almost the opposite of its literal meaning

Maker Party 2014 – go and show off the web to the next makers

Jean-Claude Juncker's sets out his plan for 'reform' – more Europe, always and everywhere

Site Note: Vacation and the Daily Update

If it weren't for the wretched EU, Germany would be our closest European ally

How To Be Optimistic: 4 Steps Backed By Research

A brief twitter experiment

Five steps for increased workplace productivity

Internal communications infographics

iPad productivity - you don't need PC to stay productive

Email Trends 2014 - 2015

The Trenchcoat Robbers | Alex Kotlowitz

Podcast: The Talk Show – Free Alcoholic Beverages

Will the BBC screen Russell Crowe's Noah, despite its heretical attitude to climate change?

Latest ROM's

Latest ROM's

A partial perl-implementation of Redis

Podcast: Exponent 009 – The Societal Perspective

Europe is dying, says France's leading demographer, and Britain would be better off with the Anglosphere

DSA-2977 libav - security update